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There has not been much talk about depression amongst Filipinos in Australia, until last month when a 34-year-old killed himself inside the family home in Plumpton NSW. Although it is now common knowledge among family friends, his name is being withheld to safeguard family privacy. (more…)

Everyone must face the fact that aging is an unavoidable part of life. Just like running water, it does not flow back. Such is life. Like your car slowly breaking down as years pass by. We must prepare for old age. (more…)

I ask for your support to publish the Community Visitors Scheme to help recruit interested bilingual volunteers who can visit elderly people in residential aged care homes (i.e. nursing homes and hostels) in Sydney metropolitan area. (more…)

As we age, most of us will find our short-term memory and ability to process new information “not what it used to be.” This is the cognitive equivalent of creaky knees — an inconvenient reminder that we’re getting older.

Dementia, though, is something different. With dementia, multiple areas of thinking are compromised and the deficits are likely to get worse. By definition, dementia means memory and other cognitive areas deteriorate to the point that everyday tasks and decisions become difficult, and sometimes impossible. The causes of dementia are many, but in this country, Alzheimer’s disease is responsible for between 60% and 80% of dementia cases. (more…)

Imagine the fear in some elderly Filipina – perhaps your mother or aunt – when some well-meaning nursing staff tells them to “strip off and get in the shower.” Is this how they would normally bathe? In front of strangers?

Imagine worse, if they strongly protest, maybe in their own language, and the nurse tries to take their clothes off them.

Imagine how they might react and how that reaction could be taken as aggressive behaviour. In a worse-case scenario it could result in abuse. (more…)