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? Check that fees are displayed upfront

While many remittance services may seem cheap at first, often fees will be hidden or exchange rates won’t be guaranteed until after the transaction. Avoid being stung by only using services that are completely transparent and upfront about their fees, or using a provider that can guarantee an exchange rate on the spot. Be sure to also compare fees for sending smaller amounts of money – as many services charge high minimum fees. (more…)

Benjie with Patricia and SimonAnyone would expect a person of her stature, title and responsibilities to display that Machiavellian command of respect. Well, she did look very respectable but Ms Patricia Riingen was far from being supercilious or overbearing. Having been seated very close to her, I found her to be amicable and unpretentious. (more…)

Cargo and courier services provider LBC Express Inc. claimed that its subsidiary covering southern Metro Manila had already paid its value-added taxes or VAT, making the closure of its 33 branches by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) last month a “surprise.” (more…)

A powerful parliamentary committee has slammed the big 4 banks for cutting off services to money remitters, leaving hundreds of legitimate businesses stranded without bank accounts. (Source: News Corp Australia) (more…)

Alternative remittance service providers were in the Federal Court in Sydney seeking orders preventing Westpac from closing their accounts on the grounds that the bank had engaged in “misleading and deceptive conduct.” (more…)