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THE GLOBAL Commission on Drug Policy was born from the recognition that the prohibitionist and repressive “war on drugs,” which has persisted for the past 50 years, has failed. Drugs have always existed and have existed everywhere, and it is illusory to believe that their use can be eradicated completely, particularly through violent methods. (more…)

Not all Davaoeños are for Duterte. Mostly because we know who he really is. (more…)

I was being recruited to join the Ateneo Alumni Association of Australia (AAAA) by fellow alumnae of Ateneo de Davao University. I obliged by attending one of the events to check if joining AAAA would be worth my time. Alas, after witnessing Alric Bulseco’s arrogance matched with pure hypocrisy (by being over friendly — beware if someone is over friendly, he/she wants something from you — was what my father used to say), I decided not to waste my time on my alma mater’s alumni association here in Sydney.

Who is Alric Bulseco? I too, was educated by the Jesuits in Davao from kinder to college. Needless to say, I am a true blue Atenean.  Hence, I am disgusted by Bulseco’s actions and his image of being a womanizer feasting on desperate women who, by the way, spend money on him. That came [direct] from the horse’s mouth, always bragging to “friends” that his girlfriends are the ones spending for him. From what I know, he doesn’t earn that much to support his social activities, let alone his own family. (more…)

There was an earlier email on this subject sent out to several recipients by the 2014 PCC Treasurer Mr. Danny Peralta, questioning the validity if not the legality of the processes by which this audit and the re-convening of the Annual General Meeting to ratify it is being called…which up to this writing have not been addressed by the Immediate Past President, Mr. Jose Relunia Jr.  and the External Auditor, Mr. Leo Ceniza. (more…)

I never made an offer for PCC to advertise the Philippine National Day Ball in Philippine Sentinel in exchange for two tickets. (more…)