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He came. He cursed. He conquered ? The Congress.

DU30 and Marcos photo

Whatever Duterte wants, Duterte gets. The dull and duly elected Philippine Senators and Congresspersons are behaving as the Romans did, who were in awe of Julius Caesar’s successful military campaigns to keep the empire intact. That’s a cautionary tale, however, as some of those same senators did to him in an extrajudicial killing, leading to that classic line, “Et tu, Brutus?” (more…)

There is an on-going fierce battle between the President and Senator Leila de Lima. How it will end is anybody’s guess. Each one has thrown accusations at each other. (more…)

“I was part of the entourage when the body of the former President Ferdinand Marcos was flown from Hawaii to Ilocos Norte. He has long been buried beside his beloved mother, Doña Josefa Edralin Marcos. What many people are seeing in Ilocos is the refrigerated wax replica of Marcos patterned after Lenin’s open museum at the Red Square in Kremlin.”— Dr. Erick San Juan

Finance chief speaks in retrospect. Midway into the interview, the 71-year-old Mr. Carlos Dominguez, who grew up in the same neighbourhood in Davao City as president Rodrigo R. Duterte but has long been based in Manila, hesitated as candid shots were taken of him. Quickly looking at his casual shirt, he said maybe it would be better if he just gave a file photo of himself. (more…)

Not all Davaoeños are for Duterte. Mostly because we know who he really is. (more…)