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Composed on 27 July, 2013;  influenced by her deep sentimentality in tribute to the places she resided in Australia from 1989 to date.

From across the seas and peak mountains, I have come to settle on the shores of Aust; A home rich in steak, of milk and honey; A place graced with snakes, sun and rain. (more…)

Traditionally, “balagtasan” is a debate among Tagalog speaking poets. It is a Filipino poetry debate named after Francisco Balagtas. It is characterised by rhythmic verses measured in equal number of syllables. In celebration of Tagalog as the Philippine National Language, the Tagalog Association of Australia (TAA) headed by its president Danny Peralta staged its second Balagtasan at Pabico Club 55 in Mt. Druitt on August 29. Peralta acted as “Lakandiwa” or judge of the contest. (more…)

M —  stands for our mother’s milk that supports us in our growth, strength and       good health to make us live and laugh with patience, cheerfulness, endurance, sympathy and hope that never fade  away.

O —     is for the overwhelming love, tender care, protection and   guidance we enjoy until she gets older and weaker.

T  —     is for the tender touch with care, trust and time she spends in             guiding the family to achieve one’s objective in life triumphantly.

H  — is for the hugs, heart and hands that guide us harmoniously on         our upbringing with hope and happiness.

E  — is for the enormous encouragements, embraces, efforts, endurances and enjoyments eternally effective to become worth           emulating to everyone.

R  — is for the religious attitude or responsibilities that reigns     righteously rewarding in the eyes of God, to maintain respect and         unity in the family.

I never thought I’d pen a poem dedicated to my partner
now that I’m older and certainly not wiser. I’ll tell you what . . .

I’ve been cheerful as a brat since I’ve settled down under.
Who’s to thank? Dave you should ask? No one else . . .
Just this man Dave, he’s my mate! Yes! Dave’s my mate.

They say it’s fate, mostly rosy and gay our lives tend to sway
To bed, one day “I’ll read,” he’d say check it out, for sure
the book’s upside down anyway! Life’s no hassle, only his sleep’s a struggle, roaring like a lion, he’ll put you out of action.

As a dad, he’s better than good. Our two lads are assured, they’re pampered and secured. Lots of love, full of hugs not short of kisses, let me add. But then again, not faultless is my man. He’ll huff and puff, explode in big laughs, with his tummy full of stuff, threatening to erupt, To the john! quick as lightning he’ll strut! – ? by Marie Rea