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Contrary to the statement given by Mrs Luz Tiqui to this writer in the evening of September 9, the owner of President Body Repairs in Blacktown said that the purchase was absolute. Tiqui said that the purchase was “conditional.” (more…)

Aug. 8, 2015. Schofields NSW. Long-time MPC critic Philippine Sentinel Editor Dino Crescini today met with members of the board of the Philippine Australian Community Foundation (PACF), more popularly known as the Filipino Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC). (more…)

April 22, 2015. STATE Emergency Services (SES) workers had to use boats to rescue people from flooded homes in Grange Avenue, Schofields, as the deluge delivered more flood waters in the North West Sydney from Rouse Hill to Riverstone. (more…)

A photo is circulating in social media comparing the controversial Makati City Hall Building with London’s City Hall Building, which roughly costs the same price. Recently, the Makati City Hall and the Binay family are under fire for the building, which Makati mayor Junjun Binay has called “world-class” at a Senate hearing to discuss allegations of it being overpriced. (more…)

Doc Tito and Neria Soliman have finally decided to spend their senior years here in Sydney and are putting in the market one of their valued properties in the Philippines — their house in Sagpon, Legazpi City. It is with nostalgia that the couple is parting with a property where the children grew up, a place where many social events took place, entertaining friends from the Jaycees, Medical Society, Lions Club and the Community Chest of Albay. (more…)