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The most meaningful way to celebrate Philippine Independence Day on June 12 is by boycotting “Made in China” products until China abandons its illegal invasion, occupation and militarization of the Philippine territories in the West Philippine Sea. (more…)

Can a Filipino American who was born and raised in San Francisco, who served four years in the U.S. military, and who travelled to the Philippines on a U.S. passport, ever be elected president of the Philippines? It almost happened. In the May 2010 Philippine presidential elections, the official vice presidential candidate of the administration party was Filipino American Edu Manzano. If he had been elected vice president, instead of Makati Mayor Jojo Binay, Manzano would have been just one heartbeat away from becoming president of the Philippines. (more…)

We were eating lunch at a Daly City home and watching “Eat Bulaga!”, the popular noontime variety show on GMA TV, when someone commented that he read on Facebook that two of the show’s hosts, Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon, were involved in the gang rape of a young Filipino American actress named Pepsi Paloma in 1982. Three young Filipino kids, joined in the conversation and said that they also heard of the Pepsi Paloma rape case. I expressed surprise because it occurred long before any of them were born. They explained that they learned of the rape from the song “Spolarium”

composed and performed by the Eraserheads, their favorite Filipino rock band. (more…)

I was asked this question by a curious TV reporter early last month in San Francisco. My response was quite simple. There are push and pull factors that are at play, I explained. The main push factor is the poor Philippine economy where an average Registered Nurse (RN) earns only about 5% of what an RN is paid in the US. The main pull factor is the nursing shortage in the US. (more…)

While China’s brazen occupation of the Philippines’ Scarborough Shoal, located just 125 nautical miles from Masinloc, Zambales, has captured all the national and international attention, little has been mentioned about China’s occupation of the Philippine mining industry, an entirely different issue from the Filipino Chinese (“Chinoys”) domination of the Philippine economy. (more…)