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The fifth annual China-Russia naval drill started last September 12, featuring stalwarts from both navies in action at the waters of Zhanjiang, in Guangdong province, the HQ of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy Nanhai Fleet. (more…)

With the signing of the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) between the U.S. and India, U.S. President Barack Obama achieved a key part of his “Pivot to Asia” strategy.  Indeed, it is a major accomplishment considering that the U.S. had been negotiating such an agreement for the past 12 years. (more…)

Satellite photos show China making progress on construction of at least two dozen concrete hangars suitable for housing Chinese air force planes, including strategic bombers and in-flight refuelers, on disputed islands in the South China Sea. (more…)

If the world thinks that after the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s ruling on the territorial disputes between the Philippines and China, conflict in the region or a possible war will be farfetched, think again. (more…)

The conventional wisdom in geopolitical circles is that a war between the United States and China is not going to happen — not now, not tomorrow— simply because their economies are intricately intertwined with one another like the fabled Gordian Knot. Destroying each other would be like committing a suicide pact. And why would they do that?  Are they out of their minds? No, but like other nations or kingdoms before them — and I’m talking at least 5,000 years of civilization — the “inevitability of war” was the conventional thinking of those who were in power. (more…)