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This is a sequel to a recent article “A PH-Japan Defence Treaty”. The way China has invested billions of dollars and achieved rapid militarization of three reefs in the Spratleys in just two years implies that they are there to stay. Lately, they issued a warning to the US that if they tried to stop the construction, “there will be war”. China needs oil badly, without which a slow-down of its economic growth may trigger a mammoth recession. They know there is oil in the Spratelys, otherwise they would not risk billions of dollars and war for it. To extract oil, China needs military security. Without militarization in a volatile place claimed by everyone, extraction can be disrupted. (more…)

NEW YORK—Now that there has been a colorful public display of outrage against the abuse of pork-barrel funds, with Janet Napoles accused of being the conduit through whom legislators diverted billions of pesos for their own enrichment, now that people have marched with their porcine masks and witty banners, and have had their fun, what next? We have been down this road before, haven’t we? (more…)