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Designed in Shanghai, China the Cowa Robot moves at a top speed of nearly 4.5mph and stays no more than 2ft behind its owner. (more…)

New Cabinet members will need to adjust their lifestyle now that the Duterte administration has started. There will be no more first-class travel or dining in expensive restaurants because the new president said so. (more…)

With overseas summer and school holiday planning well underway, travellers are reminded that the Smartraveller website,, should be your first stop before booking your trip to make sure you are well informed and prepared. (more…)

Because of heavy traffic, a man was stuck inside his van along Roxas Blvd in Pasay City. His location was only 1 km from San Juan de Dios Hospital along the same road. Without traffic, the distance could easily be reached within 2 minutes. He gasped for breath, amid poisonous fumes from exhaust pipes of many vehicles. He had cardiac arrest and fell unconscious. It took more than an hour for his companions to take him to the hospital. He was pronounced dead on arrival. (more…)

The Turnbull Government voted to cut the pension for elderly Australians who travel overseas. (more…)