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Money Tree photoIn the Philippines, many people are afraid to go near a Balete tree. They believe that this tree is       haunted or is the chosen dwelling of preternatural creatures. But there is one particular Balete   tree located beside a national highway in Sitio Dikiri in Pasuguin, Ilocos Norte that people visit quite   often. The tree is full of peso bills and coins. There are even some foreign currencies inserted between its roots. (more…)

Yes, a plane can land by itself using a system that is often referred to as “autoland”. The pilots can program the auto pilot to carry out the landing automatically whilst the pilots monitor the aircraft. However there are limitations to when the autoland system can be used.

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The Boeing 737 (the world’s most successful airliner) is limited to a maximum crosswind of 25kts (15kts for many airlines) when carrying out an automatic landing (Category 3 / CAT III approach). The autopilot is usually used to land in low visibility conditions when there are typically little or no winds (fog will seldom form if it’s very windy!). As soon as the wind picks up, the average pilot is far better at coping with the conditions than the auto pilot. (more…)

Designed in Shanghai, China the Cowa Robot moves at a top speed of nearly 4.5mph and stays no more than 2ft behind its owner. (more…)

New Cabinet members will need to adjust their lifestyle now that the Duterte administration has started. There will be no more first-class travel or dining in expensive restaurants because the new president said so. (more…)

With overseas summer and school holiday planning well underway, travellers are reminded that the Smartraveller website,, should be your first stop before booking your trip to make sure you are well informed and prepared. (more…)