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IN 1983, Janet del Rosario Martin was a simple lass from a small town in Zamboanga when she ventured to Manila to work as a waitress in a restaurant. Her desire was to work in Saudi Arabia but she never realized that something better was in store for her — the possibility of migrating to the land down under, Australia! (more…)

This is a true story based on what I knew and what I was told by an officer of the Philippine Community Council-NSW. Names have been disguised to protect the identity of those people involved. (more…)

This is an awesome story of an infant’s  amazing survival after being thrown out of a second-storey window in a posh subdivision. (more…)

Joey, a man of strong faith, was hit by a lightning bolt when he discovered he suddenly had stage-4 cancer of the lungs, when he had no symptoms. The thought of death made him pray hard. He went to mass everyday. He never missed morning bible readings and evening meditation. He pleaded to the Lord to heal him. (more…)

(Editor’s Note: The following is just an excerpt of what the author wrote about former first Lady Imelda Marcos.)

The official customs list drawn up when they arrived into exile in Hawaii reads like pure fantasy: (more…)