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By Bill Savadove |Agence France-Presse

Shanghai — After Wang Lan delivered, she brought home a baby girl and her placenta, which she plans to eat in a soup — adopting an age-old practice in Chinese traditional medicine. (more…)

(Dedicated to my bosom friends: Ben Barrera, Dino Crescini, Jess Diaz, Obet Dionisio, Wolfgang Henning, Vir Lim, Doc Padilla, and Ed Samaniego.)

How we wish to be physically close to the ones who are distant from us. We want to be able to chat with them at a moment’s notice. Yet, we’re not too keen to communicate more frequently with those who are conveniently accessible to us using the internet. We find ourselves rarely touching base with those whose houses are very close to ours. Siblings seem to be more comfortable in knowing that “no news is good news.” (more…)

Estate planning, the process of organising how you want your investment and assets transferred when you die is something that many of us, understandably, avoid talking or doing anything about. (more…)

Pete Lacaba’s message about the recent death of our friend and classmate Badong Bernal saddened me once again today. Just yesterday, I had received a call from Chito Lim about his death. (more…)

Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson had a very close friend in his life – his dog, Hawkeye. Tumilson, a former San Diego resident, was killed August 6 in the Chinook helicopter crash that also claimed the lives of 29 other American service members.

Tumilson’s funeral was in Rockford, Iowa at Rockford Senior High. Hawkeye was among the 1,500 mourners who attended. As you can see by the heart-wrenching photo above, Hawkeye refused to leave his master’s side during the service.

The picture was taken by Lisa Pembleton, Tumilson’s cousin. Pembleton contacted Home Post with this message:

Hawkeye was his loyal “son”. To say that he was an amazing man doesn’t do him justice. The loss of Jon to his family, military family and friends is immeasurable. I did not plan on taking any pictures other than with family. However, from my seat at the funeral, I felt compelled to take one photo to share with family members that couldn’t make it or couldn’t see what I could from the aisle.