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There is an on-going fierce battle between the President and Senator Leila de Lima. How it will end is anybody’s guess. Each one has thrown accusations at each other. (more…)

PRESIDENT Duterte’s proclamation of a state of national emergency on account of lawless violence in Mindanao calls for warrantless arrests in four specific cases but requires that existing rules and jurisprudence be “strictly observed.” (more…)

When you meet an assassin who has killed six people, you don’t expect to encounter a diminutive, nervous young woman carrying a baby. (more…)

A witness who claimed to be a member of the Davao Death Squad (DDS), the notorious vigilante group allegedly behind the killings in the President’s hometown, appeared before the Senate on Sept. 15 and made explosive accusations against President Rodrigo Duterte on his alleged orders to kill more than 1,000 individuals when he was still mayor. (more…)

THE GLOBAL Commission on Drug Policy was born from the recognition that the prohibitionist and repressive “war on drugs,” which has persisted for the past 50 years, has failed. Drugs have always existed and have existed everywhere, and it is illusory to believe that their use can be eradicated completely, particularly through violent methods. (more…)