Fiesta Kultura theme launched

As seen on the April 2020 issue of the Philippine Tribune

March 7, 2020 ━ The Philippine Australian Sports & Culture launched their theme for this year’s fiesta, “Unity in Community.”
In her Facebook account, advertising specialist and long-time journalist Benjie de Ubago posted: “Under the leadership of PASC president, Marivic Ayap Flores, there were notable differences from previous years: Activities were well organised; the launch was conciliatory; officers and directors made special effort to welcome guests and members of the community including the youth!”

Manny Castillo, Rey Nery, Benjie de Ubago and Marivic Flores

“During the launch, everyone was allowed to speak! It was good to see some new faces. Above all, there were no “eye specialists,” de Ubago added. (What she probably meant were people grabbing the microphone, hanging on to it, saying mostly “I” and saying nothing else but about themselves.)

Stephanie Lazo Magno, Miss Philippines-Australia 2019 and her mother

Kudos to the team of Marivic Ayap Flores especially Artistic Officer Honeylet Agorto, Vice President-External Francis Balagtas and Marketing Officer Michael Troy Moraleda.

Miss Philippines-Australia Runner-up about to cut the anniversary cake
Updated: 2020-04-20 — 17:28:46