A Tribute to Amador Jalosjos

The Australia Philippines Services League NSW Chapter (APSL NSWC) mourns the passing of Amador Jalosjos who was an active founding member of APSL NSWC and other Filipino Community organisations. Amador, or “Amading” as he was affectionately known was an ROTC graduate from Ateneo and son of the late Lieutenant Colonel Jalosjos, Philippine Army (ret.). Amading was well liked by everyone he met and associated with in the past.

As an active member of APSL NSWC, Amading participated in the APSL NSWC various annual commemoration activities, e.g. Victory in Pacific, Remembrance Day, Fall of Bataan, ANZAC Day and Reserve Forces Day parades in Sydney and adjoining suburbs.

The members and families of APSL NSWC will surely miss Amading. They offered their individual private tribute during his wake on Saturday 23rd April and internment on Sunday, 24th April 2010.

The Australia Philippines Services League NSW Chapter or APSL NSWC is an organisation of Australian Filipinos who are current or former members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Australian Defence Force and children of Filipino veterans. – (by ADF Maj. Tom Baena)

Updated: 2010-05-02 — 18:54:01

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