Tensions are likely to escalate in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) in the wake of the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s ruling that invalidated China’s claims and bolstered those of the Philippines. Read the rest of this entry »

The verdict has been cast. The Arbitration Tribunal in The Hague has ruled in favour of the Philippines. Beijing has pre-empted the tribunal long before the decision has been made. China has declared she would ignore the International Court of Justice and that she would not abide by its decision. Read the rest of this entry »

It is estimated that three billion pesos (USD64 million) is lost every day because of traffic. Left unchecked, Metro Manila may become uninhabitable well within a decade. So who’s to blame? Here’s a short list: Read the rest of this entry »

China has issued a blunt warning to Australia — “Stay out of the South China Sea or risk damage to bilateral relations.” Read the rest of this entry »

Scarborough Shoal —The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) has passed a final judgment on the case that the Philippines unilaterally brought before the PCA concerning, among other issues, the legality of China’s “nine-dash line” claim over the South China Sea under the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). Both the Philippines and China are signatories to UNCLOS; however, China challenged the arbitration process and declared that she will not abide by the PCA’s ruling, which makes one wonder: If China ignores the PCA’s ruling, what are the Philippines’ options and what would the U.S. do to protect her national interests? Read the rest of this entry »