Regardless of what we may call them — nursing homes or aged-care facilities — one thing is almost certain: most of us elderly people will end up in a home for the aged. The more lucky ones may be looked after tolerant and loving children but there are not too many of them nowadays. We can’t blame them because they are busy working and looking after their own children. I will probably end up in an aged-care facility sooner or later. I hope that the nurses assigned to look after me will exercise loving care and compassion. Read the rest of this entry »

There were conflicting reports about the resignation of Alric Bulseco from the Board of the Philippine Community Council of New South Wales (PCC-NSW). Some said that he did not resign while others confirmed that he did, even referring to an email he sent addressed to president-elect Jun Relunia and other members of the new board. Still, there were reports that he actually resigned but that his resignation was not accepted by the board and that such non-acceptance was unanimous. Read the rest of this entry »

Mt. Druitt. March 15, 2014. As expected, the Annual General Meeting of the Philippine Community Council of NSW was far from orderly. I attended as a mere observer in pursuit of my media practice but refrained from participating in any discussion. When I arrived, some affiliates were questioning the authority of outgoing treasurer Mildred Banan to withdraw money from the bank. Read the rest of this entry »

How much longer is Juan de la Cruz willing to accept the punches from a big bully? Is it not high time to fight back? Read the rest of this entry »

Following the report about an unusual announcement in 9News that a woman in Tregear New South Wales is expected to give birth to a baby with two faces and one skull, a woman in India gave birth on March 12 to an incredibly unique pair of conjoined twins. Read the rest of this entry »