It’s time for independents to take control!

The council election will provide an opportunity for a new direction by Council, Independent Ward One candidate Cr. Allan Green said. “Labor has dominated the Council for over seventeen years and they have run out of new ideas and have neglected major needs of the city.”

“The Blacktown CBD has been allowed to fall behind other western Sydney CBD’s in terms of the lack of new development and a loss of commercial office worker jobs. “The City also has a massive backlog of works which need to be completed and Labor has done little to find ways to fund the works. The city needs much more help from the State and Federal Governments to fund essential works,” according to Cr. Allan Green.

“When high valuations forced up Rural Residential Rates the Council refused to introduce a special rate to help many of the impacted ratepayers and they failed to convince the State Government of the need to allow a special rate as well. The Riverstone area has also been neglected in many ways.”

“Much more Commuter parking needs to be provided throughout the city. Party control has been bad for the running of Council as the Labor party has made decisions on party lines and has not put the basic needs of the community first,” Cr. Allan Green also said.

“I worked hard for the community and I was stabbed in the back by Liberal Party outsiders who just want a seat on Council so they can further their State and Federal ambitions,” he added.

“Only an independently-controlled Council can put people first in their decision making. It is important that voters vote independent in this coming election,” Ward 1 Independent Candidate Cr. Allan Green said.


Updated: 09/01/2008 — 00:10:28