Why do Chinese milk manufacturers use Melamine?

Adding melamine to powdered infant formula is a long-standing, widespread practice in mainland China.

So far, at least 12,892 infants have been hospitalized, with 80 percent under the age of two. Over a hundred have been critically ill and at least four died. The scandal exposing the tainted powdered infant formula broke early September.

Sources have revealed the Chinese Ministry of Health held a confidential national videoconference in response to the recent melamine contaminated powdered milk scandal.

During the video conference it was revealed how dairy companies had made it a standard practice of adding melamine to the powdered milk, justifying the practice by saying that melamine adjusts the texture, thickness, and flavour of the milk. The practice is widespread in Chinese dairy companies.

Pictures were shown of dairy companies stocking up on melamine.

Not mentioned in the video was the real reason the dairy companies use melamine. They add this cheap chemical with high nitrogen content to watered-down milk to make it appear that the milk has adequate protein content.

Big companies with strong financial and technical backing are exempted from inspection and so engage in the practice freely.

Currently, the Chinese regime is trying to blame dairy farmers and melamine companies for the scandal. They are also trying to divert public attention toward specific companies or individuals, hoping to cover up the illegal practice. They are also trying to minimize the affect of the scandal on the dairy industry.

Of course, it is very unlikely that the Chinese communist regime was unaware of the practice of adulterating dairy products with melamine.