Hungry Jack dishonors Seniors Card

They have a popular slogan: “The burgers taste better at Hungry Jacks.” Many people have been attracted to this claim versus what is being sold at other burger outlets.

My wife and I tried it once and since then, we have kept on coming back for more at various Hungry Jacks outlets including the ones at Glendenning, Parklea and Westpoint in Blacktown.

There was this particular time when I was not very hungry and I wanted some onion rings. Being a senior citizen, I know that I am entitled to a free cup of cappuccino or coffee by simply showing my Senior’s Card.

But this woman manager of Hungry Jacks at Westpoint refused to give me my cup of cappuccino. Her name tag showed Ms Gardiner, She said: “You have to buy a burger to be entitled to a free cup of cappuccino.”

I normally get a cheeseburger that costs $2.25. But that particular time, I was paying $3.65 for some onion rings. That was more money than the less expensive burger that would entitle me to free cappuccino.

“That’s management policy,” said Ms. Gardiner who was arrogant and devoid of any ability or intention to exercise customer courtesy.

The burgers probably taste better at Hungry Jacks but they should review their policy. Better yet, their managers probably require more training in dealing with senior citizens. – Rio Matro of Glenwood, NSW