Do MPC managers have the guts to face media?

As in the past, these so-called ‘managers of MPC’ (Multi-Purpose Centre) are still hiding from the press. They have always been very secretive and should be ashamed of their inability to complete the task.

They have had their time — over 20 years is more than enough!!! They do not have transparency but they feel bad whenever I write about them.

On March 2009, they published their own Newsletter announcing the move to Schofields. This was followed by another Newsletter which came out one year later on March 2010. But the content, to me was plain window dressing and more of a whitewash to hide their incompetence.

One couple who approached a tax accountant for their tax return heard the man say: “Ayan, puro paninira yang si Crescini.” (He’s bad-mouthing MPC again.) He was referring to the front page headline published in the August 2011 issue of Philippine Sentinel.

Obviously, that man had not read the complete story about MPC. The mere mention of the word MPC already triggered a negative reaction from him. He should be smarter to determine that everything I wrote is factual. He happens to be a close associate of MPC managers.

Now the MPC is deeper in debt. There are indications that they are again contemplating on selling the property in Schofields or at least half of it. I shudder at the thought that their lenders will one day foreclose the property that really belongs to the Filipino community. And yet, they act as if they own the property.

I am looking forward to meeting them face-to-face in an honest-to-goodness press conference. It seems they neither have the guts nor the balls for that. – Dino Crescini