An Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Your Excellency, Madam Prime Minister,

I was told by my dentist when I last saw him that the Federal government was planning to abolish the Dental Care Plan by the end of December 2011. As of press time, nothing further has been heard about this matter.

Many senior citizens and pensioners are totally dependent on the Dental Care Plan because based on their meager payments received from Centrelink, they cannot afford to pay expensive fees charged by dentists.

I am sure this letter represents the voice and sentiment of several thousands of senior citizens and pensioners in Australia.

I also saw on television that the salary of Federal Members of Parliament has been increased sky high so that the proposed salary of the Prime Minister has become higher than the salary of the President of the United States. It is now $481,000 from previous level of $367,000 versus Obama’s taxable income of $400,000. $481,000 is more than 23% increase versus the meagre pay rise teachers are clamouring for.

Personally, I have no objection to the increase in your salaries. You deserve it. I believe you are doing a good job in managing our economy. BUT please get it somewhere else and do not touch the benefits of low income earners particularly those of pensioners and senior citizens.

Having received no reply from a letter sent to you earlier, I am constrained to publish this for all to see.


Dino Crescini