Sender of relief goods airs complaint by Dino Crescini, BS, MBA

Education First Foundation Limited of England posted in the website of Philippine Sentinel alleged ‘theft’ of relief goods intended for flood victims in Cagayan de Oro.

In what he calls a scam, Mr. Lindsay Fairbairn categorically stated in his post that the relief goods belonged to the charity organisation of which he is the chairman.

Fairbairn said in his post that Luzon Brokerage Corporation, which is popularly known as LBC, “took possession and professed ownership of the [relief] goods.”

Mr. Fairbairn acknowledged “free shipment was stated as being granted by virtue of the disaster which occurred in Mindanao.”

“However at no time was any transfer to what is now stated as LBC Foundation involved; these goods were acquired for specific distribution to families of the Carmen area of Cagayan De Oro and must be received by our ground staff and in particular Girlie C. Asinero who is awaiting arrival of the goods,”
Fairbairn added.

The chairman of the charity organisation acknowledged that the “corrupt practice” is presumably without the knowledge of [LBC’s] senior management.

While there were tracking numbers, the specific destinations of the goods were not specified [in the documents].

Fairbairn deplores that every excuse for hiding the goods were given. Responses from LBC staff were “not to worry, they will be distributed under LBC FOUNDATION.”

In his complaint, the charity organisation chairman said “we understand the exuberance of wishing to take the credit from our goods. However, we have a specific purpose and they cannot simply be stolen for LBC’s staff’s own purposes. This has to be remedied and we insist that senior
management deal with this as a matter of urgency.”

As of press time, there is grave concern that Education First Foundation Limited may take legal action and place these matters in the hands of the police. It appears that the goods were taken under false pretences and without due process. No proper answers were given whereby these goods should be easily traceable via the tracking systems. There is furthermore a playing for time and dissuading the sender from action. The sender is in possession of photographs of all the consignments taken at the time of transfer and these had been placed on the internet at the time.

Senior management of LBC is urged to respond appropriately to Lindsay Fairbairn using his email address

Mr. Fairbairn is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and is Chairman of Education First Foundation Limited.

The relief goods were supposed to have been delivered to:

Ms Girlie Caseria Asinero
Blk 12 Lot 16 Gardens of Portico, Gran Europa
Lumbia 9000, Cagayan De Oro City

As of press time, the goods have not been received by Ms. Asinero.