Fil-Aussie to play at Annandale Hotel

Bryan Estepa, a Sydney based singer-songwriter and musician is scheduled to perform at The Annandale Hotel on March 17. He was born in Manila but grew up in Australia. His family migrated to Australia way back in 1987.

He says he now wants to promote his music and live shows to the Filipino Australian Community. It is something that he has not done before. He also says that he is very proud of his Filipino heritage.

Having been part of Australia’s independent music scene since the mid-90’s, Bryan has released 4 critically-acclaimed solo albums. He has toured Australia extensively and has played in various parts of USA & Spain.

He has signed a contract to do recordings in Australia and in Spain which he has toured 3 times and where he has established a good fan base.

Estepa’s music has been played many times on Radio in Australia and overseas, which include the ABC music show RAGE. Many of the songs he wrote have been played on shows such as ‘Bondi Rescue’ & ‘Degrassi High.’

Don’t miss his show at The Annandale Hotel on March 17. Tickets are now available through www.annandalehotel.com