Re-acquire your Filipino citizenship

Many are probably not aware of it but by operation of former Philippine laws, Filipino citizenship was automatically lost when Australian citizenship was acquired.

Now, that situation changed with Republic Act 9225 enacted by Philippine Congress on 29 August 2003. Henceforth, all natural-born Filipinos could re-acquire their Filipino citizenship after losing it through naturalization in a foreign country. One is said to be a natural-born Filipino if he or she is born to a father and/or mother who was Filipino at the time of birth.

Under R.A. 9225, all that must be done is to take the Oath of Allegiance before a duly authorized Philippine official. The process does not require renunciation of citizenship in any other country.

Oath taking can be done at the Philippine Consulate General’s Office in Sydney or at the Philippine Embassy in Canberra at a designated time to be announced. It can also take place at other places which may be announced by the Philippine Consulate from time to time. There is a fee that has to be paid.

The dual citizen does not need to reside in the Philippines and can exercise his/her right of suffrage during election time through the Overseas Absentee Voting System.

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