On Hazing by Aquila Legis Fraternity

I do not presume to know much about this fraternity, nor am I acquainted with any of its past or current members. But it seems to me that the events you have reported to Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin SJ, versus the purpose(s) for which this ‘brotherhood’ was originally conceived, appear to be at odds! I intentionally underlined the final dozen words of the above Wikipedia paragraph to point out that hazing practices, with its inherent physical & sadistic abuse of another human [being], cannot possibly be “in line with the aims of the Jesuit-run Ateneo Law School”, i.e., “to be men & women for others”.

Further, as a result of the 1991 incidents wherein one neophyte died from injuries sustained during initiation rites conducted by senior members of the fraternity, Republic Act No. 8049 was passed into law in 1995. This law was more popularly known as the “Anti-Hazing Law”.

The bottom line here is quite simple: hazing is illegal and a crime, and in this context, hazing goes against the grain of the very theme & mantra that we, as Ateneo alumni, are supposed to embrace, practice and live.

Dino, we support your advocacy to call on the current Ateneo administration to immediately condemn and prohibit this practice, and to call on the appropriate governmental agencies to enforce the provisions of the law.

In Solidarity, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

J. Luis (Jolo) Y Buktaw
President (2011-2012)
Ateneo De Manila University Alumni Assn of California, Inc. (ADMUAAC)
Los Angeles, CA