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The secret to a long-lasting relationship

So often, I hear my girlfriends complain to me about relationship problems. The number one question that every man or woman wants to know is: “What makes a lasting and fulfilling relationship?” While there are so many different aspects to answering this question, I’ve decided to keep it to a minimum, giving you only the bare essentials for laying the foundations to a long and lasting relationship.

Make sure you read carefully since I’m passing on some wise advice from one Heart to another. Here are the 5 elements for longevity:

1. Compatibility — you need to make sure you get along despite your differences.
2. Attraction — there needs to be chemistry and you need to like the person you are with.
3. Trust — you need to feel safe and comfortable with the person with whom you’re having the relationship.
4. Communication — you must be open with each other.
5. Love — love allows the relationship to grow, to become stronger and connect with one another.