Release the MPC to new leaders

If ever this MPC is to continue, we do not need the old and antique faces. They have proven their worth — NOTHING! We do not need new young faces who are related to the old fascist administration. A snake is a snake is a snake.

Pimentel, for all he’s worth is once again sucking like an insect just to have a nest to place his bum, which is provided by the funds from the Filipino community. Dads [Morales] is better to stir away. He has so much credibility just to be used and dragged by his association with this notoriety. Biala knew he is being used, but the thought of being publicly famous or infamous and rubbing shoulders with expired and overexposed singers and starlets is difficult to resist. To Tiqui and Villon — do not let this selfishness be a family “karma” that you will carry to the grave. You don’t have to. Release it back to the Filipino community headed by new and young promising leaders.

J. Almeda-Cruz

Updated: 06/01/2012 — 04:41:29