A message from Jim Paredes

To my Sydney readers, I would like to announce that the tickets to the much-awaited Jon Santos, Live and in Persons (yes, there is an ‘s’ and it’s not a typo) show at the Burwood RSL on April 4 are now on sale. You can call Conrad Isip at 0410-618-299 and Ala Paredes at 98363494 for arrangements. Tickets are also available at www.pinoytiketek.com.au . We will also be setting up a ticket order facility at www.mega-rhythm.com.au. I will soon come out with a list of more outlets.


Meanwhile, I sent Jon Santos a few questions to answer for this blog entry. He was in Hong Kong when he got the questions and so answered me by text! And this is what he said.


Jim Paredes: How many characters have you done in the past?

Jon Santos: Siguro, a hundred na, kasi kahit yung isang character ko like Sen. Meerriam defensive (Senator Miriam Defensor), na i-split into different personalities, aside from may pleasing, split at multiple personality siya.

Jim: Who are your top 4 favourite characters and why?

Jon: Well, depende sa season, si “brother mike volare” (Bro. Mike Velarde) of the el shaldan movement (El Shaddai) .., tapos, si syyerrap espada” (Erap Estrada) naman, for the political season, next, si dra vicky bolo (Dra. Vicky Belo) for the beauty season… and of course, gov. “ate vee” (Vilma Santos) for the…for the… for all seasons!

Jim: How does one impersonate? How do you know what traits of the character to imitate?

Jon: Well, dalawa ang criteria…two types of celebs ang ini-impersonate–yung “IN”, at yung “CLASSIC”.. In na in si ms. “okrah”, (Oprah) kaya enjoy ako sa kanya. Classic naman si madam imeldeefic (Imelda Marcos) kaya I play her often, pero parehong magastos to impersonate. Yung isa, magastos sa dark make-up, yung isa, magastos sa sapatos. pero between the two, mas mahirap i-impersonate si madam kasi ako ang napapadalhan ng subpoenas! (Literally demanding, kasi ako ang nade-demanda)

Jim: What can the Filos in Sydney expect?

Jon: Naku, di ko pa sure kung sino ang ma-i-sasama ko…kasi i-na-apply ko pa sila ng visa…pero I’m sure the show will be “ex-rated”… may darating na exes!, “ex” president, “soon to be “ex”-president, “ex” senator, “ex” ni edu… “ex” kundiman diva…ang daming ex! Kaya di lang triple ex ang show na ito, quadruple, quintuple, at sextuple.


The show will be 50 percent showbiz and 50 percent politics…(or, is it the other way around?), mostly female characters, kaya mas challenging, kasi pag babae ako, may iniipit ako “down under”…(ngii, aray).


The sound of water says what I think. – Chuang Tzu ???