K. Andres reacts to Grey Matter column

In your August issue, Grey Matter caught my attention and I wish to make the following comments.

? I did not nominate myself for the 2012 Presidential
Award. Serna Ladia did.

? The words uttered at the PCC Ugnayan were taken out
of context. Ms de Ubago reconstructed my statements
to provide her ‘No More Heroes’ article a leg to stand
on. The attendees at that Ugnayan can attest to my
exact words and the full statements delivered. I
expressed disappointment over non-attendance of past
PCC presidents and community service/leadership
awardees. I also asked whether they were invited to
the Ugnayan.

? I never argued nor asked for my name to be included
in the history of Rizal Park. I e-mailed Rizal Movement
(“RM”) Chair Rey Manoto cc: Lourdes Kaiser and Elsa
Collado on 6 July 2012 acknowledging their solicitation
letter and stating among other things: “that PCC with
CRFCC lobbied/advocated for Rizal Park improvement
in 2003”; “that a plan was tipped to us re: relocation
of Rizal Park as the Council was considering
redevelopment and/or sale of this Meadowvale site.”;
“This was a plan which was never formalised and did
not reach the Council sessions”. I asked them to
consider appointing the PCC President as honorary
member of the RM Board together with Christoph
Krausse (who was responsible for the naming of the
park “ Rizal Park” in the 80’s or earlier) and the
Knights of Rizal Commander..

? The Rizal Park was not put up for sale precisely
because the planners did not proceed with their
proposal. The park was a vacant lot with only a
wooden signage “Rizal Park” full of graffiti in 2003. It is
an elevated prime lot close to the Meadowvale CBD. As
PCC President in 2003/04, I dealt directly with CRFCC
officers Nida Chisholm (President), late Rosa Taboada
and Farrid Baena, and MP West, Mayor Banfiled and
Council Member Chaytor. Also, I strongly urged
CRFCC to hold events at the park to send a message
the park is being used by the community and must
stay. The current CRFCC Board is not the same Board I
dealt with in 2003/04. PCC/CRFCC with the Philippine
Consulate also proposed to build a community hall in
the park but was not approved.

? The PCC 20th Anniversary Souvenir Program (2010)
was among the evidence submitted by Serna Ladia to
support the nomination for the Presidential Award
(including testimonials, photos and other supporting
documents). For the information of Ms de Ubago, I was
a recipient of several awards and commendations
without filling out nomination forms including
Outstanding Student of the Year awards from UST and
St Paul’s College.

Also on this 2010 souvenir program. I wish to correct
the names of the 1994-95 PCC Vice Presidents. I am
informed Ms de Ubago prepared this program. My Vice
Presidents in 1994-95 were Ric de Vera and Dom
Pangilinan, and not Ric de Vera and Benjie de Ubago
as printed in the program.

I trust this will shed light and set the record straight.

Kate Roc-Andres

Columnist replies:
(Ahhh, that’s what I would call free publicity. I’m glad my column has had a cathartic effect on Ms. Andres. Read my lips.(Benjie de Ubago)