Is MPC Schofields now for sale? by Dino Crescini

An email was circulated on 24 October 2012 inviting board members of the Philippine Australian Community Foundation, Inc. (PACF) to attend a special emergency meeting on 28 October 2012.

The invitation was sent by Minerva “Bing” Santos, secretary of PACF. Among those invited to attend the meeting were Chairman Mansueto Villon and CEO Luz Tiqui. Also invited were Wilma Bacucang of FILCOS Fairfield and lawyers Ed Yunon and Bernie David.

In her email, Ms. Bing Santos stated that the purpose of the meeting was to “meet the people who have expressed an interest in the Schofields property and listen to their proposal for its sale or disposal.”

No member of Philippine media was invited — a clear indication of MPC’s lack of transparency.

In a private email, this writer requested Minerva Santos for further information. She was asked for the identity of the parties whom she alleged are interested to buy the property in Schofields. She was likewise asked what amount was offered.

As of press time, no response has been received from any member of the PACF Board — another clear sign of their lack of transparency.

Not too long ago, a $34,000 grant was obtained from the State of NSW as recommended by Kevin Conolly, Member for Riverstone. The amount was used to build a shed behind the renovated building that they now call “Philippine Australian Cultural Centre,” instead of what was originally conceived as Multi-Purpose Centre. The rest of the 5 acre property has been converted into a vegetable garden.

Out of courtesy, this writer believes that Mr.
Conolly should have been invited to the meeting.