Manny Pacquiao fans fear for his health? by Nomer Obnamia

Fans have short memory. They glorify the hero when [he’s] on top of the game and will drop him like a villain when the career is waning. Manny made an indelible mark in boxing. He brought pride in Filipinos. I was in Costa Rica two years ago and the proprietor of a restaurant told me that he’s a Paquiao fan.

The irony is that there are many people who are taking advantage of Manny’s generosity, including those in congress. I’ve never heard of a man going to a fight who pays for an entourage’s airfare, hotel accommodations, and food! And it’s not just a contingent of ten people. When Manny stops the flow of freebies to these punks they will turn their back on him and declare Manny is a bad guy. To them Manny is only good as long as the freeloading continues and when it stops, Manny will realize who his real friends are. The number will surely decrease.

Manny is not a perfect person like all of us but he is a generous man to his friends who take advantage of him. He has to learn to start thinking for his family financially and get smart in putting his largesse (that fought with guts and blood) in safe investments that would provide income from now and the future. Many, had good fortunes but were squandered through lavish lifestyles and charlatans around them. Promoters are in the business of putting together profitable fights as long as the fighter is popular and presumed winner.

Muhammad Ali paid the price. He was tough and could take a punch in the head, but today he could hardly talk and walk from Parkinson’s — not the old self with quick wit and graceful footwork and boxing style. Manny had taken lots of head punches and they have taken a toll on him.

How much is enough? Only Manny could answer the question. He can exit the sport while he’s ahead, health-wise, or continue on making money until the day no one would see his fights. That would be a sad ending to a glorious career. The smell of money and fame are hard to resist. The adulation of people is intoxicating. But what is the price to pay in the end? Only Manny could answer that for himself.

And lastly, Manny should exit from politics. It’s a dirty game. I know he does this not for the money like everybody in congress but the game will taint him. And some are saying Manny for President. This is too much. Manny’s wife too should not enter the game. There are other good things to do that rich people can participate in like non-profit organizations whose purpose is to alleviate poverty and train poor people in trades to make a living. Politics seems to be a game in the Philippine, and a lucrative career to those who seek power, influence and accumulation of wealth through their office.