My new book, Benevolent Extraterrestrial Guides by H Torrevillas, MD

In my book, Benevolent Extraterrestrial Guides, many will be doubtful of my paranormal experiences but I wrote them down as true happenings in my life. While my “Spirit Guides” are biblical entities, there are other races of ETs or aliens and are very advanced in their technologies, maybe a million years in advance. They have established bases under the oceans and below high mountain ranges helping us save the planet, cleaning the water ways and oceans, the polluted atmosphere, preparing humanity for the oncoming catastrophe as we believe it is just around the corner.

My latest work is based on my many personal experiences with extraterrestrials, a number of which coincide with events leading up to the end [of] time prophecies in the Bible. If interested in buying my book, please call 0409 125 612.

Updated: 01/02/2013 — 08:56:22