Readers should be aware of corrupt practices in our home country

Thank you for keeping me abreast with relevant news and events about the Filipinos in Australia and abroad.

I always look forward to reading your editorial pieces, and so with the articles of your contributing journos here and from overseas! I commend you for publishing materials about the past and current politicians from our home country, because these keep your readers of Filipino descent (especially the young ones)….aware of what really  happened when Marcos and his families, friends and cronies ruled the Philippines!  A lot of these disgusting characters are still active in Philippine politics today, instead of languishing in jails — for their abuse of powers and authorities, their corrupt and criminal conducts, and their disregard for the lives and welfare of the Filipinos in general!

I congratulate you and encourage you and your team to keep up the great work you’re doing!

Norma of Eastlakes, NSW 2018