Unfriendly parking regulations at Westpoint

Last March 6th, I had an early dinner at Le Colonial Restaurant, 4th Flr. of Westpoint Shopping Centre.  I could not find a parking space in the Top Level open parking so I parked my car on the third level and went up through the escalator to the 4th Floor.  After dinner at 7:00 PM, I went back to level 3 again using the escalator.


To my surprise, there were already steel barricades leading to the level 3 parking area.  I felt lucky when I saw some people coming out, apparently workers, accompanied by a security guard.  When I tried to get in through the gate, the burly security guard rudely told me that I could not get in anymore.  I told him I just had my dinner at the 4th Floor and my car was parked just near the Level 3 Entrance. No amount of explanation and pleading would move this big burly security guard. I was told to go up the 4th Floor and find my way back to the Level 3 Parking Area.


It took me sometime to find my way and only after a long walk.  If this is the new parking regulations of Westpoint Shopping Centre, they should have the courtesy of making announcements, advising the shopping and dining public or putting some visible notice before the Entrance from the Parking Area, that the exit is no longer accessible after a certain time.


With this new parking regulations, movie goers, bowlers, and diners would be greatly affected.  What if the 4th Top Level parking is full?  Where do we park?  This system definitely would discourage evening diners and movie goers, not to mention the bowlers who normally play in the evening. And what about the disabled diners going to the 4th Floor Restaurants?  Do they expect the disabled to walk a long way down to the third floor if they could not find a parking at the 4th Floor and are forced to go down to the lower parking levels.


I am also calling the attention of all the tenants of the 4th Level, restaurants, bowling centre, and movie house to rally behind the public to request the Westpoint Management to open the access to the parking area, even just for the 3rd floor.


I am well known at Crystal Seafood Restaurant and Le Colonial and they could attest that I am a regular diner in their places. And with the coming cold weather, I will again shift to bowling in the evening.  These may all have to be changed now.