Stem cell treatment in the Philippines

Many Filipinos do not know that the Philippines has one of the most advanced stem cell therapy treatment technologies in the world. The reason is because we don’t advertise it. Cancer and other patients come to Medical City from all over the world including doctors because they learn of it in medical circles abroad. Medical City does not advertise because they have a continuous stream of patients that keep coming for these treatments.

Many Filipino lives could have been saved had they known of the availability of advanced stem cell treatment technology in the Philippines. Not only would it have made it unnecessary for weakened sick cancer patients to undergo the hassle of travelling thousands of miles in the few places where this kind of treatment is available, they will also be saving thousands of dollars more. The facilities in Medical City and St. Luke’s in Makati are comparable to the best in the world.

Stem cell therapy `rejuvenated’ me, says Maceda

Former Senator Ernesto Maceda Jr. admitted that he has undergone stem cell therapy that “rejuvenated” him, placing him among the ranks of politicians who underwent the treatment which includes ousted President Joseph Estrada and Senate President Juan Enrile.

Makati Med also offers stem cell treatments but is a distant fifth placer compared to Medical City which has invested millions of

dollars in sophisticated customized cellular analyzing equipment, a special laboratory and highly trained PHD molecular biologists and other personnel.

The Medical City team is also headed by Dr. Samuel Bernal, an internationally trained and recognized expert and researcher on stem cell technologies who pioneered the same in the Philippines since 2005 at the Medical City. The program there has since grown by leaps and bounds. (Asian Stem Cell Institute)