Untold Story about Sen. Grace Poe

She was a newly-born baby left on a church font. A certain “Sayong” dipped her finger for holy water but instead felt something solid.

That was what newly-proclaimed senator Grace Poe learned during one of her campaign sorties in Iloilo.

On board a plane from Manila en route to Jaro, the would-be senator was seated beside a priest who gave her more information about Sayong, a Filipina who was on vacation from Canada.

Grace gave the priest her celfone number to give to Sayong, and vice-versa.

When they met, Sayong told Grace a story that confirmed an early chapter in her life. Sayong said that years ago in her hometown Jaro, Iloilo, she went to church very early in the morning and when she dipped her finger into the font, she was surprised when she touched not holy water but something solid. Yes, it was a nicely-wrapped infant in sweet slumber. That baby was Grace, left there by an unknown woman.

Sayong then entrusted the infant to the parish priest, Fr. Jaime Sin who would become a cardinal years later. After baptizing the baby, Fr. Sin entrusted her in the care of a prominent family in Jaro whose matriarch happened to be a friend of popular actress Susan Roces. “And that’s how Grace came into our life,” recalled Susan at the Legends Chinese Restaurant during the thanksgiving dinner which Regal Films Mother Lily Monteverde hosted for Grace who was proclaimed earlier that day with five other senators-elect. ### (Philstar.com)

Updated: 2013-06-03 — 13:34:38