Capili Family granted permanent residency

It has been confirmed by no less than her own sister that Analiza Capili, along with her husband and 5 children were granted permanent residency in Australia. She and her family arrived in Australia in 2005.

Nearly 3 years ago, Analiza approached Philippine Sentinel asking for help. She was very nervous because the Department of Immigration instructed her to buy plane tickets by the end of August 2010 covering the return of the entire family to the Philippines. Her failure to meet the deadline would have resulted in their immediate deportation. The deportation process involves temporary confinement at Villawood Detention Centre. She complied but at the same time sought the help of Neil Galang for ministerial intervention.

Analiza continues to be employed by the Highlights Restaurant at Blacktown Worker’s Club. Her youngest child who arrived in Sydney as a baby is now 8 years old.