The Eagle flies alone

Over the years, I felt joy in having witnessed our “baby” (then known as the AAAA) grow and mature to its current state. Sixteen years seem to have whizzed by. We’ve seen people come and go. I never envisioned how and where the AAA would evolve.

As a humble member, the camaraderie and laughter (along with bountiful food and drink) satisfied my expectations. More of a reflection of my laid back (or “mababaw”) personality, I never really had a keen liking for politics. However, I do admire and expect good leadership.

Leaders must be beyond reproach. Leaders must possess old school values and standards. I follow leaders with drive and vision to achieve goals for the common good.

In this regard, I must admit my lack of affection for the Philippine Community Council. I would prefer AAA to stand alone rather than be tinged by intrigues and misdemeanors in the PCC.

I felt the AAA became a mere platform for increasing a member’s profile for the PCC. I felt compelled to support activities relevant to the PCC but not necessarily for the AAA. In effect, I felt the AAA became subservient to PCC. Whatever noble goals the PCC had, this was for the pride and glory of the PCC alone.

This is my personal sentiment and the reason why I supported the move to withdraw from the PCC. Yes I miss the innocent, early years of the AAA. Yes we’ve grown. Yes, we’ve matured. In that regard, we can proudly stand alone and be the leaders we Ateneans were honed to be. The Eagle flies alone, above the turbulence. The Eagle that flies highest, sees farthest. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!
Perry Enriquez
(Ateneo de Manila HS77; AB Psy 81)