Bulseco Out of PCC by Benjie de Ubago

The position of Vice President External in the Philippine Community Council of NSW (PCC) has now been vacated by Alric Bulseco who warmed the seat for the last few years.

The Ateneo General Membership decided to resign from PCC during their 31 July 2013 Annual General Meeting, although the actual resignation letter was submitted in 10 October 2013. The resignation letter states “effective immediately.”

Although there has been no official announcement from the PCC, Bulseco’s position on the Board automatically ceases with the university alumni’s resignation.

Bulseco has been attempting to seek representation from other clubs but has failed to secure any endorsement. Besides, any other club representation at this stage would contravene the constitution. If he wants to join and represent another club, he would have to wait for the next election in February 2014. (www.filipin-oz.com)