Star shines on Zorah Jueco

Zorahaida De Vera Jueco, also known as Zorah Jueco started her singing career as a folk singer in Olongapo City, Philippines when she was 17. At the age of 19, she was seen singing in Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan and South Korea as a solo performer and was a highly-sought-after lead singer of Asian bands. She’s been travelling in these countries for fifteen years and then decided to migrate to Australia in 1997. She has formed a band and performed some gigs in various events in Melbourne. Zorah had also performed as front act for concerts of popular singers like APO Hiking Society, Kuh Ledesma and ZsaZsa Padilla.

From Melbourne, Zorah moved to Sydney and found a permanent job at Australia Post while doing some shows on the side. After seven years, she left singing and concentrated in looking after her growing children. Her love of music did not end there. She was invited to support and have a duet performance with American singer David Pomeranz during a recent Sydney concert. She sings folk, country, pop, jazz and retro music. Zorah is having a concert with Australian Country Singer Jonnie Russell on 16 November 2013 at the Pabico Club 55 in Mt. Druitt NSW.

Updated: 11/10/2013 — 18:46:50

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