Ed Husic welcomes aid to typhoon victims in the Philippines

Chifley MP Ed Husic has welcomed the announcement of $30 million in Federal aid to The Philippines in the wake of typhoon Haiyan.

“More than 10% of people living in my Sydney electorate of Chifley is of Filipino background and this devastating typhoon has left many of my constituents understandably shocked and worried about family members there”, said Ed Husic.

“On Sydney radio yesterday I called for Australia’s initial commitment of just $380,000 in aid to be urgently reviewed”, he added.

“The Government has initially increased that to 10 million dollars and that is the right thing to do. [Eventually, the commitment rose by another $20 million, further increasing the total to $30 million].

“I have spoken personally with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to convey the concerns of Filipino-Australians and I look forward to our governments working together at this terrible time.

The Philippines is a great neighbour to Australia and this is what good neighbours do in a time of crisis like this”.