PCC officers asked to resign

Bulseco, along with the president and the treasurer of the Philippine Community Council (PCC) were asked to resign by the board because of some misappropriation of fund issues.

For those who have not heard, he ripped the letter right in front of the board saying that it was pure nonsense that he be forced to resign. He was so arrogant in saying that he will resign on his own terms, even daring the board to show proof that the issue they were involved in was not allowed in the constitution.

What conditions could he have? Aside from the funding argument, the Ateneo Alumni Association of Australia (AAAA) has already withdrawn its membership from the PCC. He occupied a seat as an External VP because he was representing AAAA. He said that even if AAAA has resigned, the membership ends next year yet. So he was insisting to the PCC board that he still has the right to a seat as VP.

Why didn’t he ever run for Presidency? He doesn’t want to have a limit to his term as an officer of the PCC, as we are all aware, Presidency is limited to a certain number of times that he/she can run for the position. BUT, as an External VP, he can hang on to the same position every year, assuming that he gets re-elected.

Bulseco was actually counting on his so-called friends from the Filipino Community to support him. Unfortunately (for him) his claim of representing the another organization of which he is a “member” went pppfffftttt. In an email, the cooperative’s president declined his offer to represent the Mt. Pritchard organisation.

After the PCC board meeting on Thursday (24th of October), it was already posted in Facebook that Bulseco would be “kicked out.” His name was not mentioned but the position of External VP (which he used to occupy was already declared vacant. They did not have the chance to give him notice that night as they were discussing on how to send help to the Boholanos in our mother land. It is not yet official, in terms of giving him a formal notification, but apparently, in the next PCC board meeting, that will be the major agenda. If he still has the face to show up, one way or the other, he will be notified.

Will any organization take him in as a member to represent them at the PCC board? It is a great possibility that Bulseco will fight for this position as vehemently as he can. He mentioned before that he runs the PCC and all the Presidents during his time with PCC relied on him, so much so, that the past and the current President have been his dummies.

Just the thought of having him represent another Filipino association makes me feel sad. They will just be used to keep his notoriety in the community. Bulseco is the type of person who needs to be commended and have the right connections.

— Name withheld upon request