Heated arguments during the ‘Ugnayan’ forum

The Tagalog term ‘Ugnayan‘ was intended to be a public forum where issues of interest to the community were supposed to be discussed and resolved.

According to reliable sources, nothing of that sort happened on December 15. Instead, there was chaotic debate between two blocs — those in support of the incumbent leadership versus those supporting the immediate past president. No less than 2 persons who attended reported that “Treasurer Mildred Banan was in a fighting mood.” They said “those seated in front could hear her loud voice whenever anyone from the opposing camp had the microphone.”

According to one director who requested not to be identified, “the non-support of Affiliates to PCC this year only proves one thing: that PCC is down the cliff under Elsa’s bad leadership/governance.” The director added: “If these  people (Elsa, Millie, Emma, Bulseco) will still be in PCC next year, PCC will be ‘dead and buried’ as the peak body.”

Dennis Laxamana of FAME commented that  the chaotic Forum is “nakakahiya” (an embarassment).

Updated: 01/05/2014 — 10:52:28