Reaction to editorial on celibacy

In our formation, we learned about the history of the church and why celibacy was imposed.  You are right that the cause was simply because of the abuse and strong adherence to nepotism being practiced by the leaders of the early church.

My stand in the present church situation is that the church will eventually follow the dictate of the times when it becomes needed. The church is guided by the Holy Spirit in all that it does through the Magisterium and whatever decision they formulate. We, the faithful, will abide and follow.

There has been a strong move by the progressive Catholics to consider celibacy as not a requirement for ordination of priests. Looking at the development of events,  I observe that in our evangelization process, there are several  new converts to Catholicism who were priests in their congregations that have assumed their ministerial duties as priests in the Catholic Church even though they are married and have families. This arrangement is now acceptable due to the shortage of priests and who knows this relaxation of Church policies may go further at the long run and allow celibacy as just an option in the ordination to the priesthood. Those who will be ordained will be given an option by the church whether they want to remain celibate or not.

I have no qualms about this happening. We may elect a progressive pope who may have this arrangement imposed. We can never tell.

Of course, we still have to wait for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who will address this situation in the future.

I firmly believe and hope that the times will be coming where there will come a major change and development in our worship of the faith in the near future. Let’s pray for the right moment to come now.

Deacon Romy Ligot

Los Angeles, CA