Badgerys Creek Airport: Economic Nightmare

Cr Stephen Bali, Blacktown City Councillor and Secretary for the No Badgerys Creek Airport Inc said, “Badgerys Creek will be an economic nightmare for Federal, State and Local Governments as the true cost would be approaching $40 billion.”

The alleged boom will be an economic milestone for Governments as road & rail upgrades as well as health impacts will have to be addressed.

Cr Bali said, “With average peak hour road traffic moving between 18-28 km/hr, there needs to [have] new express ways built servicing western Sydney.  The WestConnex has not even started and as is already too small for the needs of Sydney in 20 years’ time.”

“Badgerys Creek Airport (BCA) cargo will generate hundreds of thousands of truck movements from the airport to distributors and then onto customers. This will place an intolerable strain on local roads where councils are struggling to maintain local roads.”

“New express rail lines need to be built to service BCA to Sydney and interconnecting with Kingsford Smith Airport.  This is in addition to delivering on the promise of convenience for western Sydney residents’ access to the airport by building new lines connecting Penrith and Blacktown directly to BCA.”

“Health standards of western Sydney residents are far below coastal Sydney. You are likely to be effected two to three times more by cancers, respiratory diseases, asthma, and cardiovascular diseases compared to residents on the coastal side of Sydney.  BCA will exasperate this problem.  Therefore new MRIs and new hospitals must be built with appropriate quality specialist services as well as undertaking important health programs to improve the health of western Sydney residents.”

Cr Bali said, “When you add it all up, you won’t get any change out of $40 billion.”

“I hope Premier O’Farrell had the ear of Prime Minister Abbot as they flew back from China explaining the needs of western Sydney.”

“We don’t need another failed infrastructure project!  We need investment resulting in real outcomes for western Sydney residents.”

No Badgerys Creek Airport Inc is calling for a transparent and open parliamentary inquiry on examining all options available to solve Sydney’s transport needs.

Cr Bali said, “We should not be held to ransom on one option or secret reports which have not been scrutinised. Put all the options out for public interrogation and then go with the best option. That is the best public policy outcome for all.”