“How Shoes.com rips off Australian online shoppers” by Shop-A-Holic

In this fast-paced society that we live in today, we are enticed by overflowing on-line discounts, flat-rates to free shipping thus saving us time and money. It’s like a shopping haven. You can visit over 100 shops in one day which is next to impossible if you are to visit in person. 

Many Australian consumers go on line to visit US sites. With our strong Aussie dollar, it’s within our reach to take advantage of such low prices.  But before you get too excited to buy, you are advised to click “Shipping  Internationally.” All of a sudden the aura changes as you notice a 30% jump in the price.

At SHOES.COM, a handsome Florsheim Dress Shoes for men is only USD 54.99. They ship for free in the US but if you choose to ship them to Australia, you would be paying AUD 78.10 + shipping charges. Are we back to the old AUD-USD 0.704 exchange rate? Last time I checked, the rate is AUD-USD 0.93, which means the shoes should be no more than AUD 60.00.  On the contrary, Eastbay.Com does not do this, the exchange rate would of course be in their favour but they do not mark up their products by 30% for their valuable international customers.

Updated: 2014-06-01 — 17:49:44