Halleluiah! Dexter Villahermosa Lands Top Role by Benjie de Ubago

Blessed with a voice like his, Dexter Villahermosa is no doubt heaven sent. It simply was a matter of time. And now, Dexter has landed the lead role in “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

The Willoughby Theater Company will be producing the Andrew Lloyd Weber’s famed musical and will be seen on October 15 at The Concourse Concert Hall, at Victoria Avenue Chatswood.

The epic rock opera which has been played on stages around the world for four decades is now being directed by Stig Bell, along with musical director, Therese Doyle and choreographer, Sarah Friedrich has embarked on the challenging task.

Dexter auditioned for the roles of Jesus and Judas. The director rang him weeks later to advise him that he didn’t get the role of Judas. It was a sigh for Dex, but the Director followed up with “but you got the role of Jesus Christ.”

Absolutely elated, Dexter still can’t believe his luck. “I’ve missed being part of a stage production and I went for the auditions. I was disappointed when I did not get Judas, but this is so much better” he said. Dexter auditioned for a role in the 1992 production with Johnny Farnham and Kate Ceberano but missed out then. “Maybe I wasn’t good enough then but this time, I got it” he adds.

Having been raised a Catholic, Dexter knows only too well, the life of Christ.   “I know the perspective of Jesus and this musical drama humanizes and dramatizes His life. I have new respect for the man and what he stood for”  he says.

Dexter Villahermosa, of course, grew up before our very eyes. From his crooning and piano playing days during Banag-Banag functions, we’ve seen him catch his lucky break in Miss Saigon which honed in his talents, and then whisked away to the Philippines by none other than Pilita and back home again to Australia.

Being a small production, the producers exercised their creative licence “to cast out of the stereotype mould.”  Whatever, however, what’s really important is that he’s got it! Tickets may be booked via the production website www.willoughbytheatreco.com.au

Dexter just completed the “The Magic of the Musicals” last month, also produced by Willoughby Theatre Company where he belted out a solo from the Miss Saigon Musical.

As one of the best loved community artists who have always remained so level headed, we sure wish Dexter the best.  And that’s a big Amen!


Updated: 08/01/2014 — 17:32:26