Travel agency reopens under new name

Using exactly the same location, Allied-Summa Travel and Tours  (trading as  Travel Access) which was closed down by the Travel Compensation Fund is now operating as Maya Travel under the management of the daughter of the previous owner  Emma de Vera.

It was published in the previous month’s issue of Philippine Sentinel that  Travel Access was among those travel agencies that were terminated by the Travel Compensation Fund for the period March 9, 2014 to May 8, 2014. It has been alleged that customer claims have amounted to some $250,000. Jaime Reyes (not his real name) was among those who bought his ticket from Travel Access but was denied boarding upon presentation of his counterfeit “e-ticket” at the counter of Qantas. De Vera denied everything as mere allegations. All other customers who bought “air tickets” from Travel Access are urged to contact Philippine Sentinel.