More about Travel Access

31 October 2014 — Today, Philippine Sentinel received another call from a certain Jacinta (not her real name) of Fairfield who bought a return ticket to the Philippines for her mother some few months ago.

On the scheduled date of her mom’s departure, the elderly lady was denied boarding by Qantas Airlines. She was told that the supposed “e-ticket” she presented was a mere itinerary and not a real ticket. She was further informed that the travel agency who issued the “e-ticket” did not remit any money to Qantas.

According to Jacinta, she raised hell and went ballistic at the airline counter until the problem was finally solved. It was not clear if her mother was finally allowed to board or if she had to pay for another ticket. What is certain is that the travel agent did not remit money to the airline which is the reason why many other passengers who bought ‘tickets’ from Travel Access were denied boarding.

The owner of Travel Access was Emma de Vera who announced to Filpress that she was retiring. After the announcement, news broke out that Travel Compensation Fund cancelled the license of Travel Access, the trading name of Allied Summa Travel & Tours Pty Ltd.

Weeks later, the name was changed to Maya Travel which was managed by the daughter of the previous owner. Again, the name was changed to Wanderland Travel, currently being managed by a certain ‘sister’ known only as “Ms Del Prado.”

It was previously reported by Travel Compensation Fund that the amount involved is in excess of six figures.

Other passengers who bought tickets from Travel Access are urged to come forward and make a report to Philippine Sentinel by calling mobile 0450 556 565.