La Salle alumnus reacts to editorial on Ateneo Alumni Australia

I’ve read with interest your article on the AAA and what is going on [within the alumni association]. What some members are doing or trying to do is something typical. Everybody wants to be “head honcho” with a title.

My question is: why should an independent university organization join the Philippine Community Council (PCC)? That so-called club so far has nothing concrete to show us.

Who are the donors to MPC?

Being a Filipino, it would be good to know the names of all those who gave  donations to MPC to set up a decent place to meet. I am also interested to know the exact amounts given by each donor. Is there a list? Is the club “owned” by a few who can do whatever they want?

We are LaSallites, not LaSallians

We also have a situation in Manila with the La Salle Alumni Association. We have always been called LaSallites but suddenly in recent years some smart ass group changed that to LaSallians. Since we are now CoEd, I would agree to call the ladies LaSallians but they should leave the name LaSallites alone maybe for the guys. Some people don’t think with their heads. Whenever I receive correspondence addressing me as a LaSallian, I send it right back and say that I will be a LaSallite until I die.

I hope you guys don’t ever associate with PCC. You are a University
Association completely independent and are better operation on your own.

Tony Campos (acampos1004@yahoo.com.au)